Countdown to the first day we can swim!

Monday, May 9, 2011

First day of long course!!

YAY!! The MIT Z-center pool finally got converted to long course for the summer.

In celebration, I did a set of 5000 meter practice with the following main set with a mix of snorkel, pull, swim, kick: 5x300, 5x200, 5x100

As I swam today, I began to make a list of the pluses and minuses of long course:

1. Plus, no turns!! Sweet! Less possibility of getting confused as to which side of the pool I'm on.
2. Minus, still run into walls? Because I swim with my eyes closed, some how I still manage to forget to turn at the wall until I'm too close.
3. Plus, able to set steady rhythm.
4. Minus, meters are longer than yards. To be exact, 1.0936133x longer. So that mean if I swim 100m, I swim 9 yards more; 500m, it is 46 yards more; 1000m, it is 93 yards more; 5000m, I swam 500 yards extra!!
5. Plus, more people can swim in the same lane! The probability of running into people is decreased dramatically. Although, with my skills at zig-zagging down the lane, my odds aren't reduced by much.
6. Minus, can't take a lane for myself. Especially when a swim team is practicing at the same time, only 3-4 lanes are open for rec swimming. Which means, I have to swim with old people.
7. Plus, summer is here! Or at this point, very near. Just several paper to write/revise, 2 finals, pack, and move to summer housing. No big, right? :P


  1. I apologize for taking so long to comment... My computer is still defunct, so I haven't been keeping up. I'm in somewhat of an obnoxious mood this morning, SO:

    1. No turns? That sounds like a slight exaggeration.
    2. Have you always swum with your eyes closed? Freak.
    3. Nnn-tss-nnn-tss-nnn-tss.
    4. That's not exact...
    5. Maybe you should open your eyes when you swim. Then you wouldn't run into people.
    6. Ewww... old people.
    7. Whoo! Summer!

    Love you guys. * muah *

  2. Haha...funny story about running into people. One of the lifeguard yelled at me the other day for swimming on the wrong side of the lane (expect I wasn't because I was passing people and he choose to stop me in my 500 for time to tell me after I had already been in the pool for an hr).

    3. I would love to have you on the boat to beat box for me while i swim :D
    4. No you are right it isn't exact
    5, It's ok if the old people are fast. I think what really pisses me off is when I have to lap the people like every 100.