Countdown to the first day we can swim!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

From Boston Massachusetts, Happy 4th Everyone!!

Last week brought brilliant swimming conditions both at Walden on Wednesday and Nahant on Sunday. Since the Walden swim was followed by a social, I actually ended up biking for an hour and catching a ride to Walden early to swim an extra lap. Probably because of the biking, I wasn't able to feel the water until the second loop.

Compared to the weekend before, the conditions at Nahant could not have been more different: the weather was beautiful, the water temperature was 65 degrees, and the waves were basically non-existent. The group ended up swimming two and a half hours (9000 yards), stopping 5 times. Again, like at Walden, I didn't feel too great until the second half. Conclusion: I need to keep swimming, keep warm, and just relax.

In other news...

Inspired from a recent conversation about first world problems, I have decided to post some of the first world problems (and other issues) I ran into as I train for the Channel.

1. I forgot to shave my armpits before Nahant. The chafing was so bad I couldn't put my arms down. Well, at least now I smell nice from the lavender and chamomile Vaseline.

2. I keep wearing a different swim suit when I swim outside and always forgot to wear sunscreen. My back looks like someone chopped it into a million pieces.

3. I'm not coordinated enough to be on land. Running (suicides) ==> Fail ==> In love with sports tape

4. Fruit flavored gel packs taste disgusting...especially the raspberry

5. Training alone is super lonely. But I guess it is a little bit hard to talk to people while swimming long distances.

Speaking of long distances...6 hour swim this weekend with Syd :D

...'Til next time!!


  1. You don't keep a designated outdoor suit? I try to keep my pool suits nice, and have a designated dirty/grimy suit.

    Try to stop thinking while you swim. Or, at least, no thinking beyond "present time" concerns.

  2. Good suggestion on keeping a separate suit. It's been difficult to find a suit that I feel comfortable in so I've been switching around. Also, the 2-piece I wear has like 4 straps and makes a funky matrix thing.

    Lolz, stop think while I swim? Don't worry you're not the first to tell me.

  3. Wow! I just started following this blog and I am super excited for the two of you to take on this incredible challenge! It looks like you have a good strategy so far in preparing for this. Don't underestimate the importance of good nutrition for such a long swim and rehearsing it prior to the event!
    Good luck! I'll be following your updates...

  4. Brian!!!! We miss you!!!!!

    Thanks for the advice. Food and drinks are definitely something we have on our mind as we train. You are training to triathlons now right? And the ironman? (your video popped up on my it!!)

    It's great to hear from you!!