Countdown to the first day we can swim!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dover/Folkstone is beautiful!!!!....Take Two

This time I am serious...

Sorry for not updating earlier. I arrived late Monday night, had wifi issues yesterday, and then finally met up with Sydney today.

We have been practicing in the REAL thing everyday. I suppose it seems rather surreal being here and actually about to do it. After a year of planning and practicing, we are ACTUALLY going to do it.

Anyways, I'm not going to say much more now; I will provide details after the swim. Sometime the thought of swim makes my stomach turn. At night, before I fall asleep, I start freaking out slightly. Just like Sydney, my heat starts racing and adrenaline starts rushing through my veins.

We'll post the boat tracker as it gets closer to our swims.

So until next time...keep sending in your encouragement!! We appreciate it a lot and they keep us going!!!!


  1. you guys are amazing. rooting for you both from afar!!

  2. Good Luck - All of us at Smith are all supporting you!!! What day do you think you will swim? I thought it was today/tomorrow but I guess I was wrong.