Countdown to the first day we can swim!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Still Waiting...

The lots have been cast (or in this case the cards have been drawn) and the order is Sydney third and Qing fourth. The first and second swimmers have made their crossings so we are next in line, but due to windy weather it looks like the next possible day will be Wednesday. This is later than we expected, but the last day of neap tide is not until Saturday so there is still some flexibility.

On the plus side all this lead time has given us plenty of time to practice at the Dover Harbor and Folkstone Beach in waters that are the same temperature as the Channel. These waters are quite chilly to say the least, so I have decided to post the three stages of adjusting to cold water and the ways I have come to deal with it. They may sound kind of odd, but they work for me.

*incidently this graph describes the speed of my swimming as well since the colder I am the faster I try to swim to get warm

Stage 1: Initial Shock = OMG THAT'S SO COLD IT BURNS!!!
Coping mechanism - Lying to myself. My thought process is something like, "Yeah it burns, it burns because I am on fire!" If I just keep telling myself I'm actually really hot for some reason I feel happier.

Stage 2: Adjustment = Keenly aware of the cold water running over my body
Coping mechanism - Think of how much worse it was just a few minutes ago. Sometimes I pretend it is washing the fire away.

Stage 3: Steady State = Numbness
Coping mechanism - Actually at this point it is pretty easy to distract myself from any physical discomfort and enjoy the harbor. It is also a good time to just let my mind wander and relax a bit. While I wouldn't say I am "comfortable" at this point, the temperature is certainly bearable.

The next post should announce when I head out, thanks to everyone for their support! We could not be doing this without your help!


  1. The graph rocks :) And enjoy the harbor!

  2. I love so much about this post, but I do have to agree the graph is the best!!